Dave Coplin: Re-Imagining Work

I recently attended a presentation by Dave Coplin, ‘Chief Envisioning Officer’ at Microsoft UK – His work looks at questioning conventional wisdom and finding new ways of doing things.  The above 9-minute video is really enlightening, in particular the part regarding employee engagement.  It was produced by Cognitive Media who have a done a lot of great videos in this format.

His book ‘Business Re-Imagined’ is really concise and can be read inside of a few hours but has loads of good info and case studies.  For me, the chapter on Netflix is the stand-out part of the book where he talks about a ‘revolution in a slide show’.  You can read have a look at the slideshow that he references which is called ‘Freedom & Responsibility’ by using the following link https://jobs.netflix.com/who-we-are.

‘Business Re-Imagined’ on Amazon