Creating an ‘SSIS Configurations’ report

When starting my current role, I didn’t get the opportunity to have a handover period from the departing developer.  The company had a lot of SSIS packages and I needed to be able to look at safely testing them without affecting production file shares etc.

In the end I asked a consultant who was working with me (and who knew C#) to write something to help me extract the .dtsconfig data into a spreadsheet.

Once I had the data in Excel, I imported it into SQL and built the below SSRS report so I could see side by side comparisons for each of the packages…


I have made the tool available on my mega account if you want to give it a go yourself.  Instructions also provided in the folder.

dtsConfig-tool (choose download as zip).

Thanks to Steve Cage who wrote the extraction tool and let me post it online 🙂