Redgate pt1 – Database Lifecycle Management

Most people who work with SQL Server know about Redgate.  They are a well known company that create sql server productivity tools amongst other software.

I had used/liked their tools in the past but have been really impressed with them as a company over the last year as they are leading the way in creating a much better model for database development – not just trying to theorise on it, but also building the tools and running the workshops required to get it off the ground.

I attended a free DLM (database life-cycle management) course they ran back in April and now see it becoming the de-facto standard development model once companies have managed to catch-up.

Based-on a model that has been around in the app dev world for years, it basically automates all the manual processes in your development pipeline and gives you very early visibility of problems.

The simplified image below describes the model but you can get a full picture from their own website here.