ITIL : A view from the Trenches

A while back I stumbled across a great blog post from a guy called Greg Ferro with his musings on ITIL. It’s a very good read in its own right and can be found here.

Unusually however, the pages of discussion and comments underneath the article, arguing both for and against ITIL, contained just as much insight as the main article itself. A lot of people felt so passionate about the subject that they took the time to relay their own personal experiences in a really considered and articulate way.

This slideshow below is just a collection of some of the best comments against ITIL – I’m not trying to be balanced here. They are largely posted ‘as is’, but some comments have been combined on the same slide just to use the space wisely.

Btw, I’m not personally commenting on ITIL’s merits – but as ITIL is seemingly ubiquitous in organisations everywhere, it is rarely challenged and doesn’t seem to have a feedback loop – which is one of the reason’s I found the post and comments so interesting.

So here you go…

rightly or wrongly, a lot of people feel this way about ITIL