multi-pane explorer for windows


Q-Directory is a free alternative to windows explorer. It allows you to have up to 4 panes and a sidebar in any arrangement as well as tabbed browsing in each pane.

Makes file/folder housekeeping much easier.


My favourite text editor.  Lightweight, fast, tabbed and with syntax highlighting.

Much quicker to use this than open up files in Management Studio, Powershell ISE and Visual Studio etc.


KeePass is a free password database.

Setup one database for all your personal accounts; email, online banking etc.

Then setup another for all your work ones; service accounts, sa passwords etc.

RS Scripter

RS Scripter is a free tool that scripts/deploys all your SSRS objects to and from report manager.

It makes creating clean SSRS projects & environments much more simple and intuitive. Much appreciation to whoever made it and released it for free.